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We Are software development company that strives to provide operational and functional software development services.

Bulk SMS, Integration

Mobile phones becomes essential part of modern life. The bulk SMS provides cost effective method of sending promotional or transactional text messages or SMS to one or several such Mobile phones in single click. This is useful for B2B & B2C companies, to keep their customers up-to-date for upcoming deals & offers, coupons & new products.

We do provide cost effective Bulk SMS Service to our clients in India. We deal with all types of messages with 100% Guaranteed Delivery. We provide dedicated online portal where our clients can login and send Bulk SMS across India from your PC to any Mobile.

Staff Augmentation

We provide all kinds of IT staff for Onsite operations of our clients. These include software developers, database administrator (DBA), BI professionals, team lead, project manager, etc.

The IT staff augmentation helps customers focus on their core business area and leave IT activities to us. We sign contractual agreement for resources with backend support if needed and resource replacement in case he/she goes on short or long leave.

CIBIL Tool Development

Every Bank and Financial Companies dealing in Financial Products like Credit Card, etc. are mandatorily provide status of their customers to four RBI approved Credit Rating Agencies.

CIBIL is one such Credit Rating Agency in India. The format for sending the data of every customer is called TUDF and TUEF. sCytech has done CIBIL Tool Development also. And our tools are working on Rupee Bank Pune and Kotak Mahindra Bank in Mumbai.

KPO Services

sCytech believes in Knowledge Management and in this endeavour we offer Knowledge Process to our clients based in USA for Legal Documentation. Our sister concern provides NJ and NY No-Fault Attorneys and Medical Providers with the supporting medico-legal documents, Legal Documents and Paralegal services they need.

Our KPO Services includes:

  • Drafting Medico-legal Documents
  • No-fault affidavits
  • Rebuttals / Contrary Opinion
  • Letters of medical necessity
  • Narrative reports
  • NJ brief
  • Medical Transcription


  • Drafting Motions
  • Answering Discoveries
  • Review of cases for Arbitration and Litigation


  • Creating Arbitration Packets
  • Creating Litigation claims
  • Data Entry
  • Handling Software of law firms and medical providers for data management

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